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which the Uriya soldiers, who had been slain by Krsnaraya in
battle, behaved in the svarga of Indra.

We shall long cherish and meditate upon Lord Sri Krsria
who has his abode in Vadakuvam (Nagalapur ?) and who by
his blessing, enabled Krsnaraya to set up a triumphal column at

Haridasa: Iruratnayavilakkcmit p. 2, v. 5.


Krsnaraya sent a letter to Peininasani Timina Nayadu,
commanding him to join the royal army with his forces in an
expedition against the Asvapati. He was also required to
bring with him Kunapuli Rangapatiraju and his troops. In
obedience to the royal summons, Timma Nayadu repaired to
Vijayanagara accompanied by Rangapatiraju. One day while
tie Raya was seated in the durbar surrounded by his captains
and nobles, the state-elephant which was in rut rushed into
the assembly. Rangapati, concealing himself behind one of
tiie pillars of the audience hall, struck the beast with his dagger
and forced it to turn back. This act of bravery excited the
admiration of Raya, and he granted to Rangapati the right of
enjoying his jaglr without interruption.
Later, Kržnaraya sent a nirupa to Rangapatiraju com-
manding him to join him in his war against the Grajapati.
Accordingly, Rangapati having joined the royal army with his
force took his position in the van, and participated in an
engagement with the troops of the Gajapati. On this occasion,
summoning him to his presence, the Raya said that he would
reward him amply provided that he fought well in the battle.
Then giving him the customary tambula to signify that he was
specially commissioned to win the victory, the Raya gave. him
to retire from bin presence,